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Why do thousands of Canadian families choose us for Online and Onsite lessons each year?

  1. We give you a wide selection of teachers so you can find the perfect fit.                         

    You can choose from our 37 University trained, experienced teachers for all styles, instruments and levels.  We have several options to find the best teacher for you or your child. Our school has taught over 14,000 students since it was established in 1995. In addition to teaching in English some of our teachers can also conduct your music lessons in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Greek, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and even with a genuine British accent.
  2. Our Multi Instrumentalist Teachers add extra depth and musicality to your lessons          

    Many of our teachers are multi instrumental teachers and performers. You will notice that several of our teachers teach and play multiple instruments and conduct vocal lessons. This varied teaching and performing experience across different instruments, styles and genres gives you a lesson experience with more depth and musicality. 
  3. We are a Canadian Studio with Canadian Teachers that charges in Canadian Dollars   

     We are not a U.S. based online teacher referral service. You can trust the quality and be confident and feel secure with who your family is being taught by. We know all of our teachers personally. They are all background checked and even trained in child first aid. We have been working in person with our teachers at our location outside Vancouver since 1995. You can even start online and transfer to us for in person lessons if you are in the local area.
  4. We guarantee your satisfaction with your choice or teacher and our technology   

    We offer a satisfaction guarantee after your first lesson or a credit to try a different teacher if it was not the right fit. You will be satisfied and confident in your choice. If you have a bad internet  connection, tech issue or unsatisfactory experience at any time during your lessons you can also request an extra lesson at a different time and we will make sure you are satisfied.

  5. Our Secure Video Lesson Platform gives you the best online teaching experience   

     Our custom automated platform lets you send files of sheet music, audio recordings and messages to your teacher without using your own email or personal contacts.  We connect students and teachers through our secure private custom live video lesson platform. To maintain the highest security and lesson experience possible we do not use Zoom, Skype, Face Time or other public platforms. Our platform works on any device with a camera and microphone and you do not need to download any software or set up any additional accounts. To get the best experience on our platform we recommend using Google Chrome. For best results please take your lessons as close to your WiFi connection point as possible. If you are able to plug into a wired Ethernet connection that is highly recommended.

  6. You can update or make changes to your account anytime without penalty     

     You may reschedule make up lessons or permanently cancel lessons with no penalty and no need to talk to anyone. Our platform lets you update payment information or permanently cancel lessons easily through your account. No need to call or email our office and wait for responses to do routine things, just do them yourself conveniently on your own schedule. You are the one taking lessons, we want you to be in charge and be satisfied.


Online Piano Lessons for All Ages

Our youngest private piano lesson student is 5 years old and our oldest online piano lesson student is 77! Piano lessons online are different from an in person lesson but they are still very productive. Whether you have a small electric keyboard or a full size grand piano you will still be able to make progress with our weekly lessons. Our online piano lesson system makes it possible for students to have a multi camera view of their piano teacher’s face and their hands. Get started today and see why thousands of Canadian families choose to learn piano online with us.

Online Guitar Lessons

Our online guitar teachers can teach you classical, rock, jazz, church hymns, chords or any special style of guitar you are looking to learn. The option of our multi camera view system allows you to focus on frets and fingering techniques from your teacher. We have students ranging from 8 years old to adults in their 60’s all taking online guitar lessons successfully with our patient qualified teachers. Get started today and see why thousands of Canadian families choose to learn guitar online with us.

Online Vocal, Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons

Our online singing lessons are preferred over our in studio lessons by several of our students. When you are taking an online singing lesson in the privacy of your own home you feel the freedom to literally “sing like (almost) nobody’s listening.” You don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious about who is in our in studio waiting room when you are singing your heart out with your teacher. Several of our vocal instructors have extensive performance and recording experience in opera, pop, jazz gospel and even singing jingles for tv and radio commercials. Get started with our online voce lessons today!

Online Violin Lessons

Our highly qualified online violin teachers can help you progress in the popular Suzuki Violin Method, Classical, Royal Conservatory fiddling or just paying for fun alone. Online violin lesson are excellent for improving your ear training and intonation. Violin lessons online work very well and some of our in studio violin student even prefer doing their lessons online. Get started with online violin lessons today.


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