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Spring Break or Summer Only Preschool Camp

Our schools offer a summer preschool program for children ages 3-5. This program is not offered during the regular school year, only in the summer. This program is meant to enhance your child’s natural love of movement and music. The classes will be 2 hours, twice a week for 3 weeks, or 2 hours, three times a week for 2 weeks.

A spring break version of the summer only preschool camp is offered one week each March.

The preschool works on emergent music and dance skills and the format will be as follows: 10-minute welcome and circle time, ½ hour of music, ½ hour of craft and story time, 20- minute snack and play time, ½ hour of dance.

Class Times & Dates

Spring Break Preschool

Camps,Spring Break Preschool,   Ages 3-5
$180,   120 mins

This program enhances your child’s natural love of movement & music by working on emergent music & dance skills. It runs 2 hours, Monday-Friday for one week. Both dance & music are taught!

Monday – Friday 10:15 am – 12:15 pm
Mar 20th, 2023 - Mar 24th, 2023
Miss Catherine, Miss Maeggan
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