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“The School of Music & Dance provides a lifelong opportunity for children and parents to discover a vital part of their creative being and ultimately, I believe, to help develop emotionally and physically stronger people. I commend the staff for a job well done.”

Fred Penner — International Children’s Performer

“As a parent, I cannot thank you and your team enough for all that the school has brought and offered to Neha in her development, sense of self, growth and to who she is as a person. She's had tremendous support, role models, cheering squad and learning through these past years. We are ever so grateful to you for running a school where all kids feel welcomed, honored, valued and appreciated. Dance has been a beautiful life experience and I do hope Neha will continue this part of her life and am confident that she will maintain close ties with you and the school in the years to come.”

Kavita Hoonjan

“I am 6 years old. At the end of June I will be finishing my first year of music lesson. I like to play the piano because I like music and dance. It is so much fun to play. I was scared at the beginning that I will not understand everything because my English was not so good. With help of my teacher and parents, it is never too hard. I am very happy that in practicing piano I did so well this year. Hopefully I will be a great pianist or piano teacher one day.”

Veronica Vlasaty

“My daughter attended Angelina Ballerina for the year of 2014/2015. She had an amazing time! The teacher was so sweet and professional, taking the time to answer all my questions. The recital was incredible. I was shocked with how well everything was put together. She felt like a princess and loved every minute of it. We are definitely going back next year. We also had 3 of our boys in music lessons and the great thing for our busy schedule was having one school able to accommodate all their lessons with different teachers and all in the same time frame. It was revolutionary for us. The teachers were so patient and well knowledged. Gearing themselves to what the student liked in music and helping them through their learning process. We are already registered for next year and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Did I mention, I drive from another city just to be able to go to that school? Yeah! I love them that much :D”

Melanie Kilsby - Review from Google

“I like going to dancing because it is beautiful…My dance school is wonderful because of the friends I’ve made…I love my teachers very much. I can’t wait for dance to start again.”

Zoe Horton — Age 5

“As a family, we feel the Walnut Grove School of Dance makes our daughter feel special. We have watched her grow from a nervous young girl whom didn’t want to attend classes in September to a proud, confident dancer on the stage at the June recital…To us, this school has nurtured a love of dance within our daughter that developed over 10 months of classes. The instructors gently guide the students to reach their full potential. They are patient and caring yet firm enough to instill a love of dance and the seriousness of the practice…Walnut Grove School of Dance is designed to meet the needs of its students to help them develop their true potential as dancers as well as instill a love and passion for dance.”

Lisa Kinneard (Zoe’s mom)

“My family has been at this school for 8 years now. We love the consistency and professionalism of the teachers and staff. The fees include everything - costumes, videos and tickets of the year end show, so there is no extra hidden costs. There is so much potential for the kids to grow within the school with the 3 locations, multiple competitive teams, and other options. Special events and summer camp options are also a huge plus. Since the school does multiple music and dance classes at the time it is often possible to get your kids into different classes at the same time which save us time and from driving to another place!”

Gaylene Thoeny - Review from Google

“I started ballet 3 years ago and I loved it…..when I am dancing I am not shy. I am a princess….I love ballet. I want to keep dancing forever. I want to be the best I can be. Thanks for teaching me.”

Miranda Rosehill — Age 8

“Both my children have taken dance lessons for the past few years, and they have enjoyed every minute of it. The staff are very professional and have a deep concern for the children's well being and learning. The owners clearly care for their business and those who patronize it... the recitals and student appreciation days in the summer are really the extra mile. We look forward to continuing on with the School of Music and Dance in music classes!”

Jason Simson - Review from Google

“The Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance has a warm and friendly atmosphere that appeals to me. The staff at the school is the best…My teacher has brought so much pleasure and joy to my life, beyond any of my expectations. She will continue to teach me next year and I am very excited to learn more.”

Sheliza Shivji — Age 11

“Eight years ago my two sons, now 15 and almost 18, started their music lessons at the School of Music and Dance. My youngest son has had the pleasure of being taught piano by Joanne. She, like all of the other teachers we have interacted with over the years, is professional, consistent and an excellent communicator. We are always kept informed about his progress and his challenges. He had actually started taking drumming lessons at the school but the teacher was able to identify after a few months of lessons that he would be better suited to the piano. As I hear him practice and perform now while working through the Royal Conservatory curriculum I am grateful for their insight and suggestions all of those years ago! I believe that his respect and admiration for his teacher is largely responsible for his decision to follow the career path to being a music teacher himself! For 6 of the last eight years he was at the school he also took jazz and/or hip hop classes. Once again his teachers, particularly Miss Angelika enriched his experience at the school with her ability to train and inspire. Dance has not only contributed to his performance in school musical theatre productions, but it has given him better coordination as he adapts to his body growing and changing. The opportunity to perform at year end assemblies offered by the school has also given him a great deal of invaluable confidence. My older son has taken guitar lessons with Ryan for a couple of years and then he moved to Jonathan. Because the school offers multiple lessons in the same time slots, both of my boys were able to take lessons at the same time. A real time saver!! Again, his musical abilities have been encouraged and he has had opportunities to showcase his progress in the year-end concerts. He has a great passion for playing guitar and due to the consistent theory lessons throughout, he has a strong basis for writing music as well. My boys lives have been positively influenced by their experience at the school. From a parental standpoint the administrative staff have helped make scheduling a breeze. The fees for lessons have always been directly debited monthly from our bank account simplifying the payment process. The owners make themselves known and available. I have had them respond and manage any concerns I've had over the years immediately and fairly. At the beginning of summer they throw an annual year end BBQ bash to celebrate the kids and say thanks to the parents. Their generosity is unmatched.”

lisalangley - Review from Google

“I like Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance because there are teachers that I really like. I like to take music lessons because I can learn and I am learning a new language. When I started violin lessons I was so excited I could hardly wait for my first lesson to begin. Now I always get excited when it is my lesson. I love to go to Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance because it is a great school.”

Raeann Fuller — Age 7

“We had the pleasure of seeing our granddaughter in her Angelina Ballerina class and the recent school concert. She loves the classes and is looking forward to more in the fall.”

Craig Faulkner - Review from Google

“I love to sing because I want to be a star one day…My teacher is very nice and teaches me a lot. She makes it FUN and I look forward to lessons every week. I think the Walnut Grove School of Music & dance is a great school to go to. I feel safe and happy there.”

Victoria Roe — Age 9

“My children started dance lessons here. I was impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise from the teachers. I then put my kids in music lessons. They've excelled thanks to the teachers and they love it. This is one extracurricular activity that I don't have to drag them to!”

Dee Mcdon - Review from Google

“I think that this is a great place to take lessons because the staff is always friendly and encouraging. They inspire you to do better, and try harder, both in life and in your lessons. The teachers are more like good friends rather than teachers, making your lessons feel like you’re hanging out with your friends doing something that you love rather than making you feel like you’re back in school being forced to learn an instrument or dance….The lessons and the teachers are so enjoyable that they make this the best place to take music or dance lessons.”

Meagan Vandekerckhove — Age 14

“I can not say enough about this school, the front desk staff and most of all the teachers we have had past and present. My girls have been dancing here for 7+ years. They have grown so much as dancers and just as importantly, as confident, mature human beings, thanks especially to the ballet teacher we have had for years. She is not only beyond educated in not only the technique of ballet, but she provides a supportive, respectful environment for each and every dancer. Her choreography is always amazing and unique and the girls enjoy her and her class (as do we parents F603;). The front desk staff are always beyond helpful and have a smile for everyone. Can't recommend this school enough.”

K Family - Review from Google

“Music is a gift, a gift from God. At the Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance I am able to learn more about music and my instrument. With the best teachers in Walnut Grove I have learned more about music and expanded my gift of playing the violin….I am truly blessed to live by such a wonderful school. The school is a wonderful place to learn how to make music. Each teacher that I have had at the school has been extremely gifted at playing their instrument and they also have had the ability to teach well. I have learned a lot from the teachers I have had. The teacher I have now is wonderful and with her help I am able to play beautiful songs ranging from ragtime to classical.”

Victoria Tilling — Age 12

“Thanks School of Music and Dance!!! As a personal trainer and someone with a Human Kinetics degree with over 15 years experience. I have always been fit and active but missed dance in my life. Finding the Adult ballet class allowed me to get back into dance. I found the teachers to be helpful, positive and energetic. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a fun and positive dance and music experience!!”

Kate Mcnulty - Review from Google

“I like the Walnut Grove School because the teachers are nice. I like the school because it lets me try different types of dances…The recitals at the end of the year are fun.”

Brooke Helders — Age 8

“My daughter has taken music and dance lessons here for the past 2 years and she has loved every minute of it! The teachers have been supportive and encouraging. I love that I don't have to track down my own costume stuff and that I get free tickets to her dance recitals! The school is well maintained and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.”

Katrina Bergen - Review from Google

“I think the Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance is a great place to take my lessons because the school provides lessons to a variety of instruments and more. I have been to this school for nearly four years…I think this school is wonderful because it has helped me to grasp the true idea and meaning of music. With excellent and kind teacher and staff, Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance is a structure of definite benefit, where I can carry on my dream full of music.”

Ji-Yeoon Jeong — Age 11

“In my school there is a grade seven band and because of Walnut Grove School of Music’s lessons I’ll be the best in the band!”

Benjamin Ferguson — Age 11

“Since September my daughter has taken music lessons at the Walnut Grove School of Music. I’ve sat in on every lesson and I am extremely impressed. My daughter’s teacher is wonderful, instructing at an age appropriate level, he is always kind and patient, encouraging and professional.”

Michelle Chow

“It was not until five years ago, when I was introduced to the Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance, that I began to fully appreciate music and the dedication which teachers have for the students. My current teacher has been a wonderful instructor and we have formed a bond beyond a student-teacher relationship. She has become a mentor for me and has inspired me to become a teacher as well…For me, music is great and thanks to my teacher and the Walnut Grove School – I am inspired to pursue music as a career.”

Jenny Nguyen

“It is because of the close proximity and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance that I feel comfortable to put myself in a learning position again. But more importantly it is because of the diversity of classes they offer and the flexibility and clever coordination that the administration has devised that I am able to attend classes myself and at the same time have both my children in class as well. Thank you Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a life long dream.”

Trina Sims

“I am 79 years old and have studied music all my life. I feel that I am making great strides at the Walnut Grove School of Music and the staff are all very kind to me.”

Muriel Arnarson

“The teachers at the school helped motivate me and today I practice every single day of the week because it is something I love to do.”

Briana Cassetta — Age 15

“The preschool music program at the Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance has exposed my child to the exciting world of music in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. My child looks forward to her weekly classes with anticipation. While learning about new instruments and sounds, she is making friends in a group setting made up of her peers.”

Angela Feltrin

“I have been at this ballet school, Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance for seven years…When I dance I feel free, I feel excited when the music starts…I have enjoyed having Miss Kelsey and Miss Keri-Lyn as my teachers. I feel that they have pushed me to be my best.”

Hanna Tontsch — Age 10

“I LOVE to dance because it’s FUN and not boring. It makes me feel great about myself…The Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance has great teachers…It’s a great place to go for lessons because you get to do a recital and wear cool costumes and get a rose.”

Victoria Roe — Age 9

Dance is good when you have a problem, it cheers you up
Active dancers make a magnificent show
Nicer classes because it is smaller so you get more personalized attention
Cause of the layered floors dancers have the support needed
Energetic kids and teachers make learning fun”

Emma Montgomery-Campbell - age 9

“I love the Walnut Grove School of Music & dance – I have been coming since I was 3 years old. I have done lots of different things here but what excites me most is music! It is because of going to the Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance that I have found my love for music.”

Tenniele Sims — Age 9

“I have been taking classes at the Walnut Grove School of Music & dance since I was three years old. It is my fourth year at this school…I like dancing because it makes me feel good. I have made some great friend while going to school here.”

Danessa Dandurand — Age 7

“I’m glad to take lessons at a school where the teachers love music, are so encouraging and are willing to put on concerts for us to be inspired by. I like now the teachers are so friendly; my teacher and I have become good friends. I look forward to enjoying and creating music my whole life.”

Jenna Glosch

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