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University trained teachers. Many teachers are multi instrumentalists to give you a more diverse musical experience✓✕
Choice of in-studio or online lessons or a hybrid of both. All in person lessons can also be taken online any time for maximum convenience and flexibility✓✕
Each studio room has 2 acoustic pianos - 1 for teacher use 1 for student use✓✕
Several choices of teachers in each instrument to fit your child's personality and learning style✓✕
Self cancel and reschedule make up lessons up to 3 times per year for any reason with just 24 hours notice✓✕
Ability to schedule private lessons for 2 or more family members at the same time to avoid hours of waiting and driving to different lesson providers each month✓✕
Royal Conservatory exam preparation available for all grades✓✕
Optional low pressure year end recitals free of charge✓✕
Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day✓✕
Private, secure custom video system for online lessons (not Zoom or Skype). Secure teacher student messaging system to contact your teacher and get weekly practice assignments.✓✕
Ability to take dance lessons at the same location and save travel time between activities✓✕
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