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Prejazz / Hip Hop

Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop is a fast-paced, energetic class for 5-year-olds! This class is 45 minutes, once a week. 

Every single element that your child will explore throughout the expansive Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop syllabus is designed specifically to fit the physical and mental development of a 5-year-old, from the music selected to how the movements are taught. Learning techniques such as ‘Imagination Incorporation’ and ‘Pre-Vocabulary’ will help young students to master the coordination required for introductory hip hop and jazz movements. 

Your little dancer will love grooving to their favourite songs that they already know and love, while receiving high-quality dance education in a caring and fun environment. Instructions for dance steps and sequences are delivered through fun exercises and games that prepare young dancers to be successful in the foundations of fundamental jazz and hip hop technique. 

Here’s a short video of a Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop dance class.

Class Times & Dates

Last Chance to Dance Pre Jazz / Hip Hop

Jazz,Hip Hop,   Ages 5-6
$79/mth,   45 mins

This 2 month class gives 5-6 year old dancers the last chance this season to join a jazz/hip hop class.

Saturday 11:00 am
Apr 6th, 2024 - May 25th, 2024
Miss Carly

Prejazz / Hip Hop

Jazz,Hip Hop,   Ages 5-6
$79/mth,   45 mins

This high energy class introduces dancers to both jazz and the coordination required for hip hop moves!

Wednesday 5:15 pm
Now - Jun 16th, 2024
Miss Kiana
Thursday 3:15 pm
Now - Jun 16th, 2024
Miss Hana
Friday 3:00 pm
Now - Jun 16th, 2024
Miss Isabella
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