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Prejazz / Hip Hop

This energetic class is for children who are age 5.  This class is 45 minutes in length 1 time per week. It prepares students to move on to Jazz/Hip Hop 6-8A or Tap 6-8A It focuses on an introduction to jazz and the coordination required for hip hop movements with the physical development of a 5 year old strongly in mind.

Class Times & Dates

Prejazz / Hip Hop

Jazz,Hip Hop,   Ages 5-6
$76/mth,   45 mins
Wednesday 3:45 pm
Now - Jun 18th, 2022
Miss Isabella
Wednesday 5:30 pm
Now - Jun 15th, 2022
Miss Isabella
Friday 3:30 pm
Now - Jun 17th, 2022
Miss Isabella
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