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Contemporary – Ages 12-18

Contemporary is a beautiful, abstract form of dance that has a strong focus on creativity and artistry. Contemporary classes are 1 hour, once a week. 

Contemporary dance combines the elements of ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical dance to create something new and unique. Dancers experiment with different textures of movement, combining traditional and non-traditional dance techniques to grow as dancers and allow their artistry and creativity to shine. 

Dancers will utilize all levels of movement throughout this class, performing on the ground when learning floorwork, standing when mastering kicks and turns, or even in the air when exploring leaps and tricks. Dancers will learn the fundamentals of contemporary technique while enhancing their movement qualities and exploring their artistry through performance and improvisational exercises. 

Here is a short video of a contemporary dance class.

Class Times & Dates

Competitive Contemporary - 1 hour

Contemporary,Competitive,   Ages 12-18
$89/mth,   60 mins

Dancers have grade 5 or higher ballet. This class is by audition only and has co-requisite classes required.

Class FullWaiting List
Tuesday 7:30 pm
Sep 10th, 2024 - Jun 22nd, 2025
Miss Kim


Contemporary,   Ages 12-18
$89/mth,   60 mins
Monday 7:15 pm
Sep 9th, 2024 - Jun 22nd, 2025
Miss Kathleen
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