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Our recitals are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice. Our recitals are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem.

At our music recitals, students get exposed to new musical styles and instruments. The recitals help students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing the progress of their peers.

Our music recitals are free of charge to attend and are structured to be low pressure and not too long. Most sessions are 45 minutes to 70 minutes long. Each recital has a mix of piano, voice, vioin, guitar and other instuments to provide a diverse, entertaining show. We hold multiple sessions during the recital day to provide convenient options for our busy families.

There is no charge to attend music recitals. Food donations for the Langley foodbank are accepted and encouraged.

2024 Date - Sat. June 1 - times tba


The music recital is not at the school it is at:

Fort Langley Community Church
8870 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC


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