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Tap – Ages 6-Adult

Tap is fun, exciting, loud, and a great way for dancers to enhance their rhythmic skills! Tap classes are 45 minutes, once a week. 

Tap is a style of dance where metal plates are attached to the heel and toe of the shoe, making sounds when the shoe strikes the floor. It is a very rhythm-focused style of dance where the dancer is like a percussion instrument, seen in many Brodway musicals. 

Dancers will learn how to perform intricate footwork sequences and patterns to create different sounds with their tap shoes. Learning tap dance will encourage students’ natural sense of rhythm to flourish, while helping them focus on enhancing balance, musicality, and detail work. In our tap classes, students will receive top-quality dance education from our qualified instructors in a fun and caring environment. 

Here's a short video of a tap dance class.

Class Times & Dates

Tap 6-9 A/B

Tap,   Ages 6-9
$79/mth,   45 mins
Thursday 5:00 pm
Now - Jun 15th, 2023
Miss Alicia

Invitational Mixed Tap

Tap,   Ages 10-18
$79/mth,   45 mins
Tuesday 3:15 pm
Now - Jun 13th, 2023
Miss Alicia
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