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Preschool Music Lessons

The preschool music program is a fun, group music class for children ages 3-5, designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music. All classes are limited to 8 students per class and are 30 minutes once per week. The classes cover:

  • Movement and music
  • Learning to sing and listen
  • Making music with percussion instruments
  • Recognition of orchestral instruments
  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Elementary note recognition

The rhythm component is taught through fun games with rhythm sticks, triangles, shakers, hand drums, etc.

Melody concepts are learned through lots of singing and singing games. They will learn high – low, loud – soft, pitch, major – minor, etc.

In the notation component of the class, the students learn how to recognize musical symbols such as treble clef, bass clef, half note, whole note, etc. (Much the same as learning your alphabet before you learn how to read.)

We also teach them how to recognize all the instruments of the orchestra both by sight and sound. For example, by the end of the program they can quickly tell you if the sound they hear is a trumpet or saxophone.

The preschool music classes are taught by our instructors with university degrees in music who love working with young children. The instructors are patient, fun and very encouraging. The preschool music program prepares students to go on into private instrument lessons when they are older.

For scheduling convenience students can choose to do our Song & Dance program which includes the preschool music program followed or preceded by a class in preschool dance. The preschool music program has two options; level 1 is for children ages 3-4 who have not taken the program before, and level 2 is for children ages 4-5 (age 4 who have completed our preschool level 1, or age 5 who are new to the program).

Class Times & Dates

Preschool Music Level 1

Group, Ages 3-4
$72/mth, 30 mins

Saturday 9:30 am – 10:00 am
Sep 11th, 2021 – Jun 18th, 2022
Alyssa H

Preschool Music Level 2

Group, Ages 4-5
$72/mth, 30 mins

Saturday 10:00 am – 10:30 am
Sep 11th, 2021 – Jun 18th, 2022
Alyssa H
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