School of Music and Dance

Dance Classes and Music Lessons

Dance Class Fees

Yearly registration fee $35 per student
Ages 2-5
Parent & Tot (30 minutes per week) $68 per month
Kinderjazz (30 minutes per week $68 per month
Angelina Ballerina™ (30 minutes per week) $68 per month
Kindercombo (Kinderjazz and Angelina Ballerina™ - 1 hour per week) $126 per month
Song & Dance with Kinderjazz or Angelina Ballerina™ (plus $59 costume fee)
Choose any Angelina Ballerina™ class or Kinderjazz class along with any preschool music class for the same student and receive a discount.
$126 per month
Ages 6-Adult
45 minute class $72 per month
1st one hour class $82 per month
2nd one hour class $72 per month
3nd one hour class $67 per month
Musical Theatre $98 per month
Private Lessons
(30 minutes per week)
$39 per class
Examination preparation classes $21.50 per hour
Dance Uniform Fees
T-Shirt (all jazz, hip hop and tap classes) $20
Tank Top $20
Angelina Ballerina™ Skirt & Ears $29
Dance Skirt (black or pink) $20
Bodysuit (black or pink) $20
Ballet Character Skirt (grade 1 and higher) $25 rental fee
Dance Shoes (black or pink) $12
Angelina Ballerina™ Kit (includes skirt, ears, bodysuit and shoes) $55
Kinderjazz or Pre-Primary Kit (includes skirt, bodysuit and shoes) $45
Skirt & Bodysuit Combo $35
Recital Costume Fees (charged Nov 15)
Angelina Ballerina™, Kinderjazz, Prejazz/Hip Hop, Pre-Primary Ballet $59
Primary Ballet, Street Tap to age 10, Recreational ballet $69
All Jazz/Hip Hop classes, Jazz to age 12, Ballet grades 1 & 2, Hip Hop classes to age 12, Musical Theatre $79
All teen classes, grades 3-7 Ballet, all adult classes $89
Grade 8 & higher Ballet $89
Competitive classes (additional fee may be required) $97 deposit

5% GST is in effect for all Dance classes and uniforms.  There is no GST on Music lessons.

All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration. Auto-debit from bank account and credit card payments are only available for regular auto-charge recurring monthly fees. Credit cards are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.

Tuition fees subject to change.

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