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Private Music Lessons Online

Tuesday 6:30pm for 30 min. with Joe D
From Sep 3rd, 2024 to Jun 24th, 2025

Joe started playing music in elementary school with his introduction to the ukulele, violin and choir. In high school he started performing with the symphonic and jazz bands and got to learn a handful of instruments including: percussion, saxophone, clarinet, and guitar. It was his love of singing that led to many vocal lessons and performances and ultimately led him into the York University music program. With his bachelor of music in hand Joe set off to write and play in many rock and pop groups. His love of singing led to many opportunities in musical theatre as well. Joe brings his varied background of performing, writing and acting to his teaching studio. He is happy to help young singers find their voice in a variety of genres from metal to pop to theatre. He also enjoys teaching guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano to those students wanting to learn the fundamentals of music in a fun way.

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