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Wednesday 3:00pm for 30 min. with Dean S

Dean is a highly sought-after musician and educator, firstly for his skill as a master trumpet player, and secondly as a teacher of all brass instruments, as well as saxophone and clarinet. He is experienced in a diverse number of musical styles and is known for his ability to ground his students in a solid technical base. He communicates effectively with all age groups and is at ease running an efficient, yet fair rehearsal environment. Dean has played for many ensembles and theatres throughout Canada, the United States and Hungary. He began his training with Pacific Blue Drum and Bugle Corps (Surrey, BC), touring Canada and the United States regularly as soprano trumpet, playing competitions and concerts. As a solo performer, Dean is known for having a strong, pure tone and an exceptionally broad range – a trait necessary for big band lead playing. He is also known as a proficient piccolo trumpet player and is a lover of baroque and classical music. While doing his undergraduate work at Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA) Dean toured Hungary as a trumpet soloist and ensemble member of their Collegium Musicum, playing works by Bach, Scarlatti, and Michael Haydn. Dean is an avid canoeist, and lover of the outdoors. He also has a great interest in nutrition and its relation to overall health. He lives with his wife, his son and his unusually large and yellow Labrador retriever, Hunter.

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