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Kinderjazz is a very fun dance class for both boys and girls. Each minute of the 30 minute class is carefully planned for maximum learning through dance. Kinderjazz level 1 is designed particularly for ages 3-4 and level 2 for ages 4-5.

Kinderjazz explores music and movement using percussive and jazz influence – a very different style than ballet uses. This makes it a perfect compliment or alternative to Ballerina Bunnies. This is a great class for kids who don’t want ballet, or who want to take a jazz class too.

The children learn using multiple modalities – the best way for this age range to learn. This means all senses are engaged - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile! For example the teacher will have a prop to touch (such as a ribbon), the teacher will draw a diagram of the move on the white board, the teacher will demonstrate the move, etc. The dancers will go home with a colouring sheet of an animal to reinforce the type of movement they were learning that day.

A composer was commissioned to compose original music for this class and the music is perfect for what is covered each week in the class. Each class has fun props to engage the children and help them to learn to dance.

The program is designed to carefully meet gross motor skill development milestones for ages 3-5. Our teachers have all been instructed on the physical, cognitive and emotional development of the ages of the children in the classes. Our teachers all have taken an intensive child psychology workshop specifically designed to apply to the Kinderjazz and Ballerina Bunnies curriculum. This is very specialized training, enhancing how the teachers teach your child.

Kinderjazz carefully balances a traditional dance class (teacher directed learning) and the creative exploration of child centred learning. It was designed by an internationally renowned dance curriculum expert who actively teaches preschool dance. Its format was also developed with a child psychologist who has a vast degree of experience in the structure of dance relating to preschool aged children.

The creative movement part of the program is fun and educational. It introduces children to the animals of the different continents and they learn movement while learning about these animals. They even get to dance with stuffed versions of these animals. The students are also learning basic dance steps in every class.

This is an amazing class that preschool aged children love!

Here is a short video of a kinderjazz dance class.

Class Times & Dates

Kinderjazz 2

Jazz,   Ages 4-5
$75/mth,   30 mins
Monday 4:45 pm
Now - Jun 19th, 2023
Miss Isabella
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