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Covid-19 Information

Updated In-Person Lessons COVID-19 Safety Protocols Sept. 2021


Teachers and staff will self-screen before coming in. Teachers and staff that have symptoms must not come to work or enter the building.

Each teacher will go directly to their teaching studio and only leave to use the washroom. 

Hand sanitizing stations are immediately as you enter the building, at multiple points in the common areas and every teaching room has hand sanitization pumps.

Everyone must use hand sanitizer upon arrival in the building and after exiting their class. Students must use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the classrooms. 

Masks are required in all common areas, even if just walking through the building.  Teachers will wear masks for all classes.  We will continue to be in compliance with Fraser Health regarding the usage of masks for students in public school classrooms.

Students with any symptoms of illness must stay home.  Students who develop symptoms of illness while at the school must leave class and go home immediately.  A separate isolation room will be used until the student is picked up.

Front door of the building is entrance only, side door is exit only except for persons that require the use the elevator to exit the building.

Waiting rooms are closed.  Parents of age 3-5 dancers may come in to drop off their child to class and return 5 minutes before classes are over to pick up their child. The parents must be wearing a mask while in the building for drop off and pick-up.  1 parent only (no siblings allowed).  Parents waiting for the 3-5 age group, must physically distance in designated waiting spaces while dropping off and picking up their child.

Students must not enter the building until 2 minutes before their class time.  

Students are encouraged to  bring their own water bottle.

The school has daily sanitization and cleaning with hospital grade cleaners using a professional outside janitorial service that is certified to clean government offices.

Should an exposure to COVID-10 happen, the school will contact Fraser Health immediately and follow all protocols as directed.  

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