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REACH Company

  1. How to become a member
  2. Member Requirements, Rules and Regulations
  3. Class Requirements
  4. Solo and Duo Policies
  5. Helpful Hints
  6. Dress Code / Uniform

Guidelines for members and parents

How to become a member

  • Eligible candidates include anyone with a positive attitude who is energetic, driven, and committed with a passion for performing.
  • Dancers must have at least 1 year prior experience in chosen discipline.
  • Auditions for the company will be held every March.
  • Members must re-audition each year.
  • If an active company member can not attend auditions due to extenuating circumstances, a 300 word essay (1page single spaced) explaining why they will continue to be an asset to the company is required by the date of auditions.
  • Interested candidates who have missed the audition process will be given the opportunity to audition during the week long summer intensive program upon approval of the directors.
  • All Company Dancers must meet minimum requirements of dance hours with NO EXCEPTIONS. The Company is privilege and if the teacher feels a student is not fully participating with the right attitude it is up to their discretion to expel that child from the company.
  • There will be a minimum of 3 competitions attended each year with the option of a 4th.
  • As of September 2010 Company jackets will be mandatory.
  • Stage is a performance class open to company students of all ages.  It is a class with the main focus on developing characters.  A number will be choreographed for competitions and entered in a category where entertainment and acting ability are the basis for marks.
  • There are extra costs involved with competitive dance.  Such as competition entrance fees or festival fees (typically between $10 and $35) per competition.  Competitive dance costumes are a higher fee than recreational dance costume fees.
  • Students’ tuition fees must be current in order to remain in the company program.

Member Requirements, Rules and Regulations

  • Parent’s must read and sign a competitive dance policies sheet.
  • The time commitment from company members is higher then regular classes and attendance to all classes is mandatory and essential. If the student misses more than 3 classes (with the exception of medical reasons) they will be expelled from the class for the year. This applies to all technique classes as well as choreography (i.e. applies to every class taken at the school). If a member is unable to attend they must phone and inform the school prior to their class - Competitions Can Not Be Missed!
  • Be prepared for extra classes and rehearsals to be scheduled on weekends and over Christmas break.
  • Additional public performances (malls ect.) will be required. Participation may also be required in conventions, master classes and workshops.
  • Practice at home is essential as well as a willingness to work hard. It is recommended that you bring in a blank CD in October and your teacher will provide you with a copy of your music.
  • You must arrange to get your child to all competitions and be willing to attend some meetings with the teachers.
  • Students must be at each competition 1 hour early in full makeup, hair done and in costume. Students will be expected to stay at the competition until the adjudication and awards have been held.
  • All members of the REACH Student Company are expected to dress and behave in an appropriate manner befitting a company member. We are supportive and encouraging of all company members and to all other performers, whenever, wherever we encounter them-We will always endeavor to be role models of sportsmanship at whatever event we attend.

Class Requirements

If part of competitive Ballet - minimum of 4 hours
  • 2 hours ballet
  • 1 hour choreography
  • 1 hour of other discipline (which includes pointe)
If part of competitive Jazz - minimum of 4 hours
  • 2 hours ballet
  • 1 hour jazz technique
  • 1 hour choreography
If part of competitive Hip Hop - minimum of 3 hours
  • 1 hour Hip Hop technique
  • 1 hour choreography
  • 1 hour of other discipline
If part of competitive Stage - minimum of 4 hours
  • Must be a member of the Company

Solo and Duo Policies

  • Must have at least 1 year of competitive group experience in the discipline.
  • Must be available for and arrange payment for 1 week of choreography lessons in the summer and polishing lessons 30 minutes on weekends once a month.
  • Write a letter to the Company directors stating why you are a good candidate. This to be handed in the day of the company auditions in March.
  • Solos/Duos will be selected by the directors based on the ability of the student as well as dedication, commitment, attitude, and involvement.
  • It is a special honor to be chosen, but again remember that costs for extra lessons will be involved including private lesson fees, costume fees and competition fees.
  • Must be an active member of the company.
  • Must be self disciplined.
  • Solos and duos will be in charge of finding their own music. A copy of the song with the edit will eventually be supplied by the teacher.
  • It is recommended you bring a video camera during your choreography sessions in the summer to help with your practice. It is a good idea as well to keep a journal of all your corrections.
  • You will be in charge of your own costume however it can be ordered through the dance catalogue. Final decisions must be approved by the teacher.
  • Solos/Duos/Trios will not be in the year end dance show; however an informal showcase will be held at the auditorium the Friday before the recital.

Helpful Hints

  • Please ensure that all phone numbers and birthdays are correct at the front desk.
  • Company students must provide the school with their email as all notices will be emailed. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they have all notices regarding rehearsals, competitions and any other notices pertaining to their classes and competitions.
  • A phone tree will be provided in the fall of each dance season. Car pooling is encouraged and absences due to lack of transportation will be considered inexcusable.
  • Please note that competitions run primarily from March thru to the end of May and the Company strongly suggests that you avoid planning family vacations during this time to avoid any conflicts or absences that may result in your child being asked to leave the group.
  • If a company member is injured or ill they are expected to come and watch their class to avoid falling behind (if illness allows).

Dress Code/Uniform

Uniform is essential and will be watched closely.

Jazz Requirements
  • Body suit, tights/leggings (shorts can be worn over top).
  • Jazz pants and school shirts are to be removed after warm up, school tanks can stay on.
  • Jazz shoes (Black).
  • Hair must be tied back.
Hip Hop Requirements
  • School shirt, jazz or sweatpants.
  • Clean inside runners.
Ballet Requirements
  • Hair must be in a proper exam style ballet bun with hair pins.
  • School ballet uniform.
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