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  1. How to become a member
  2. Member Requirements, Rules and Regulations
  3. Class Requirements
  4. Solo and Duo Information

Guidelines for Members and Parents

How to become a member

  • Eligible candidates include anyone with a positive attitude who is energetic, driven, and committed with a passion for performing.
  • Dancers must have at least 1 year of prior experience in chosen discipline.
  • Auditions  will be held every spring and current Reach students must re-audition each year.
  • If an active company member cannot attend auditions due to extenuating circumstances or an interested candidate has missed the auditions, they will be given the opportunity to audition during the week-long intensive summer camp upon approval of the REACH company teachers.
  • Students’ tuition fees must be current in order to remain in the company program.
  • REACH summer camp is an intensive week of training which REACH members must attend, no exceptions. This helps prepare dancers for fall lessons and helps maintain their technique and flexibility through the summer ensuring a smooth return to form.

Member Requirements, Rules and Regulations

  • Parents must read and sign a Competitive Dance Policies contract each year.
  • Parents must trust the judgment of the teachers in regard to the level in which their children are placed.
  • The time commitment from company members is higher than regular classes and attendance to all classes is mandatory and essential. If the student misses more than 3 classes (with the exception of medical reasons) they will be expelled from the class for the year. This applies to all technique classes as well as choreography classes (i.e. applies to every class taken at the school). If a member is unable to attend they must message their teacher through their account, prior to their class. Competitions Can Not Be Missed!
  • There will be 3-4 dance competitions attended each year.
  • There will be a REACH "Work in Progress" Showcase each year in February/March. This gives REACH students the opportunity to perform on a real stage prior to their first competition and includes all participating REACH groups, solos & duos.
  • Company jackets are mandatory and will be available for purchase in the fall.
  • School of Music & Dance dress code must be followed for all classes at the school, with no exceptions. REACH summer dance camp shirts may be worn to class in place of the school tee- shirt.
  • There are extra costs involved with competitive dance such as competition entrance fees (typically between $40 and $50 per student, per dance routine, per competition) . Some competitions charge an admission fee for parents to watch in the auditorium. Competitive dance costumes fees are higher than recreational dance costume fees.
  • Practice at home is essential as well as a willingness to work hard. 
  • You must arrange to get your child to all competitions. Competitions often happen during school hours.
  • Students must be at each competition at least 1 hour early in full makeup, hair done and in costume. Students will be expected to stay at the competition until the adjudication and awards have been held. There often can be several hours between competing and adjudication. This is a good opportunity to watch other groups competing.
  • Participation in the year-end REACH showcase and the year-end dance recitals is mandatory. 

Class Requirements

Competitive Ballet - minimum of 4 hours
  • Minimum 2 hours ballet
  • Ballet choreography class
  • Technique class
Competitive Jazz - minimum of 4 hours
  • Minimum of 2 hours of ballet
  • Technique class
  • Jazz choreography class
Competitive Hip Hop - minimum of 4 hours
  • Technique class
  • Hip Hop choreography class
  • 2 hours in additional classes
Competitive Stage - minimum of 4 hours
  • Stage choreography
  • Technique class
  • 2 hours in additional classes
Competitive Lyrical - minimum of 4 hours
  • Minimum of 2 hours of ballet
  • Technique class
  • Lyrical choreography class
Competitive Contemporary - minimum of 4 hours
  • Minimum of 2 hours of ballet
  • Technique class
  • Contemporary choreography class

Solo and Duo Information

  • Must have at least 1 year of competitive group experience
  • Must be competing with a group number in the chosen discipline of your solo/duo.
  • Must be available for approximately 5 hours of choreography lessons usually in the summer and polishing lessons during the regular school year per the teachers request.
  • Solos/Duos will be selected by the teachers based on the ability of the student as well as dedication, commitment, attitude, and involvement.
  • Solos and duos can submit music suggestions, however; final decisions on music will be up to the teacher. 
  • Solos/Duos/Trios will not be in the year end dance showcase or recital. A few solo/duo spots will be awarded to dance in the showcase.

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