Streaming Dance Classes and Online Music Lessons

School of Music and Dance

Covid-19 Information

In-Person Lessons COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  1. Students with any symptoms of illness must stay home.
  2. Students who develop symptoms of illness while at the school must leave class and go home immediately.
  3. Front door is entrance only, side door is exit only.
  4. Waiting rooms are closed.
  5. Parents of dancers in age 3-5 dance classes will walk their student to their class and are asked to wait in their cars.  We will call if the student needs a parent for anything while the class is running.  Parents should return 5 minutes before class is over to pick up their child.  Only one parent will be permitted per child. If a parent needs to wait in the building, they must wear a mask and physically distance from anyone in the building.  No siblings are allowed to wait.
  6. Dance classes will be live-streamed (to each parent's private account) so parents can watch from their vehicles or home.
  7. Everyone must use hand sanitizer upon arrival in the building and after exiting their class.
  8. Students must wait on marked spots outside the dance room for their class.
  9. Each dance room has individual spaces marked out with tape for each student. Students will remain in their own space. Students will also use these marked out spaces to distance while traveling and all will travel the same direction. No partner work will happen this year for dance.
  10. Students must sanitize their hands before using the ballet barres and immediately after using the barres.
  11. Where possible we have staggered class start and end times to avoid congestion on entering or exiting the dance rooms.
  12. Families will be notified if there is a substitute dance teacher.  Students can choose to come to class in person with the substitute, or do their class live streamed from home.  Substitute teachers will wear masks while teaching.
  13. Families will be notified if there is a substitute music teacher. If a substitute music teacher is required, the music lessons will be online from the students' lesson rooms and not in-person at the school.
  14. The water cooler has been removed, so students must bring their own water bottle.
  15. The school has increased daily sanitization and cleaning with hospital grade cleaners.
  16. There now are 2 pianos are in every music room so teachers will use one piano and the students the other.
  17. Students must use hand sanitizer before and after playing the piano and the pianos will be wiped down between students.
  18. At this time, masks are optional. We will continue to be in compliance with Fraser Health regarding the usage of masks.  Musical theatre dance students must wear masks for the vocal portion of their class and all voice students must wear a mask for their lessons. Account Login